Our Services

At Abundant Wealth Management, we embrace a holistic approach to Financial Planning and Investment Management. We take the time to understand what is important to you, and only then create a plan that is aligned with your Values & Objectives. By continually stress testing your financial plan, we help create "clarity out of chaos", and instill confidence in knowing your financial future is secure.

We believe the financial advisory industry is broken. It can be hard to find someone you trust; it may sometimes be difficult to justify the costs, or instead of financial planning and advice, you may have been sold a financial product. Abundant Wealth Management helps change a broken industry. We are purposely a boutique firm with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, offering real planning for a fair fee.


Women in Transition

From career-woman to wife/partner, and from caring mom to single-motherhood, separation and divorce – women go through more transitions during a lifetime than most of us realize.

Divorce Planning

Relationships, like marriages or common-law spousal arrangements, are initiated with the best of intentions in mind and heart.

Estate Planning

People spend a lifetime accumulating assets and building an estate with the intention of passing it on to their heirs or charitable beneficiaries.

About Us

We are purposefully a boutique firm, founded by experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™; offering REAL planning for a fair fee.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple; we want to get to know you in order to help you make the best financial decisions possible.  Our mission is to help you “create clarity out of chaos”.

Our Process

At Abundant Wealth Management, we are more than Financial Planners.  We are Life Planners to help our clients navigate through life’s complexities and uncertainties.

Our Team

We manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.


In a perfect world, every money decision we make would be totally rational. We’d consider all of the facts. Then, we’d balance them with the risks to make the most logical choice available. 1 That sounds simple. Yet it doesn’t happen as much as it should in the real world. 1, 2 That’s because many of us aren’t relying on logic and the facts to make financial decisions—and we probably don’t even realize it. 2...